Pre – Congress Workshops

As part of the ICCMR 2019 program a range of pre-congress workshops will be run on Tuesday 7 May 2019.

Pre-Congress Registration

Registrations for pre-congress workshops are now open via the online registration form. Spaces are limited, so register now!

The below workshop registration rates are available based on the type of ICCMR 2019 delegate registration you hold.

Registration Category Cost
  • Workshop registration only (not attending ICCMR Congress days)
$150 AUD per workshop
  • ISCMR Member Registrants
  • ISCMR Non-member registrants
    Day registrants
$50 AUD per workshop
  • Student ISCMR Member registrants
  • Student non-member registrants
  • Practitioner member registrants
  • Practitioner non-member registrants
$0 AUD - Complimentary

Below is a list of the Pre-Congress workshops that will be run at ICCMR 2019.

Tuesday 7 May 2019 – 8:00am – 11:00am

Converting clinical insights and experiences into valid and rigorous research: a clinician’s guide
Dr Amie Steel & Professor Jon Adams

Exploring the Teaching for Understanding framework as a pathway for curriculum design in Complementary Medicine education
Ms Jackie Lysaght

Tuesday 7 May 2019 – 11:30am – 2:30pm

Clinical Management Pentagon: Providing a systematic research approach for clinical case analysis
Dr Manisha Thakkar, Ms Jenny Yeeles, Mr Mark Payne & Dr Andrea Bugarcic

Developing a public health agenda in traditional, complementary and integrative health care
Dr Jon Wardle

Using Neuroscience, Contemporary methods and Traditional Wisdom in Building Well-being in Long Term Unemployed Youth
Mr James Ryan, Mr Sam Okoth & Ms Lisa Keegan

The role of qualitative methods in integrative medicine research
Dr Lesley Ward, Dr Brenda Leung & Dr Janet Schloss

Tuesday 7 May 2019 – 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Clinical practice guidelines: bridging traditional knowledge, scientific evidence and practice
Professor Jennifer Hunter, Professor Jianping Liu, Professor Myeong Soo Lee & Dr Susan Arentz

Managing the challenges and opportunities of planetary health: Critical considerations for traditional, complementary and integrative medicine
Dr Erica McIntyre & Ms Dwan Vilcins

Practical tips to overcome integrative oncology barriers and challenges
Professor Moshe Frenkel

Evidence-based Chinese medicine: the whole-evidence approach
Professor Charlie Xue, Professor Chuanjian Lu, Professor Xinfeng Guo, Professor Tony Zhang, Dr Brian May, Dr Meaghan Coyle, Dr Yuan Di, Dr Jo Shergis, Dr Claire Zhang, Dr Shaonan Liu, Dr Lingling Yang & Dr Yuanbin Chen